Sironi Properties

Company Quality and personal attention

We provide solutions and opportunities to our customers

Our philosophy is the Service. The quality and personalized attention our style and frame of reference. SIRONI Properties is dedicated to satisfy with dedication, professionalism and honesty inherent to the real estate business needs. We provide solutions and opportunities for our customers, main protagonists of our Company. Years of experience, professionalism and cordiality combined in a satisfactory investment in our company.

Since 1996, many clients have entrusted management, selling and renting their properties and the development of their investment projects. SICOM belong to the Group as partners of the largest real estate alliance N.E.A working in an integrated manner to maximize opportunities for business success. The prestigious career of its founder, Raul A. Sironi, has achieved credibility and recognition of our firm by clients who value our deep market knowledge and way of doing business.


Raul Antonio Sironi

  • Real estate broker MP No. 3 and auctioneer MP No. 501.
  • Current Member of the Court of discipline of the College real estate brokers of the Chaco (2014-2017).
  • Treasurer of the College real estate brokers of the Chaco (2009-2014).
  • Secretary General of the Federation real estate of the Republic Argentina (FIRA).  (2008, 2012).
  • President of the real estate Chamber of Chaco (2001-2006).
  • EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of PEPSI COLA bottling strength (1978-1996) plant.


Matias Raul Sironi

  • Lawyer MP No. 5623 and broker real estate MP No. 15.
  • Treasurer of the College real estate brokers of the Chaco (2014 - current).
  • Supervisor Kaatskill Mountain Club - condos and timeshares - Hunter, New York (USA) (2004-2007).