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Our style is the quality and personal attention


Pricing aims you know in concrete form the value of expected sale/rental of your property. A personal appraisal ensures the success of the operation. You will receive legal advice and recommendation of suitable strategies to sell / rent your property in the best conditions.

Sales and Rentals

Assessed property, we put our sales force in action & oacute; n. Among the main actions of marketing of advanced & oacute; n, are:

Property Sheet Admitted property to our portfolio will create & aacute; an exclusive form with your character & iacute; sticas, photographs & iacute; as / videos, drawings and commercial conditions which is given to potential buyers / tenants
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Promoci & oacute; n v & iacute; a Web and Social Networks Immediately your property will be published & aacute; on our web portal and specialized sites like for promotion & oacute; n and local and international & aacute be shared; THROUGH eacute; s of social networks to achieve a m & aacute; Xima advertising. Peri & oacute; ically have a report of visits to your property to assess the inter & eacute; s customers in their product
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Promoci & oacute; n v & iacute; a network SICOM / SOM Properties Sironi share & aacute; supply by SICOM, our computerized exchange system offers m STILL multiple property, which condenses pr & aacute; virtually the overall supply of properties N.E.A. Argentinian. By entering your product, real estate companies members of four provinces (Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa and Misiones) will have & aacute; n access to property, exponentially multiplying the communication & oacute; n. The offer to be offered to their customers
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Posters in v & iacute; a p STILL Republic We put legible signs in bright colors for the customer through the area can identify r & aacute;. Quickly that your property is for sale / rent and we can contact
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Ads in local newspapers We maintain continuous presence in daily circulation more options | Local n and specialized in the field through classified ads and pieces weekly supplements gr & aacute;. Ficas
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Client Portfolio and Investors Peri & oacute; ically we will campaign TODDLER as v & iacute; e-mail to our customer base and investors with news and properties that may be of inter & eacute;. S
Investor Services

SIRONI PROPERTIES & aacute advise him; so that your investment & oacute; n real estate for the biggest financial benefits and economic & oacute; micos by an & aacute; analysis and valuation & oacute; n profitability of the investment & oacute; n, that is, calculate qu & eacute; performance can be obtained from a building both to develop it and sell it, how to exploit THROUGH eacute; s of your car.
Our enormous capacity for negotiation & oacute; n and n & aacute; lysis will provide & aacute; security and tranquility required to decide your investment & oacute; n. bricks

Services for Developers, Architects and Construction Companies

Our customers have relied on advice Sironi Properties Projects, Promoci & oacute; n and sale of their venture.

develop with you new investment options & oacute; n. real estate, marketing strategies, advertising and marketing & oacute; n.

Sales and Rentals - Rental Management - Valuations - Auctions - Developments - Real Estate Legal Advice

Basically our strong are rentals (and management) and urban sales. We believe that our knowledge and experience our valuations are accurate. Anything fields and rural properties but what we work with specialized colleagues.

For the training of their holders and active participation in Association of Realtors, Real Estate Federation Argentina, Chamber of Commerce we believe that we are always one step ahead in information and comprehensive advice. Also always stress that they like our style "family" attention and that all members be very close, always all are aware of everything that happens in the office and can speak the same with any of the members.

While it is a family business, we have extensive experience in services to large national and international firms. Raul has been manager of Pepsi Cola for 20 years and Matias has worked in New York and a great local law firm primarily serving the business sector.